Kate M.
Jersey City, NJ
John is amazing. I found him on a list for EA agents. Prior to this I was having my taxes completed in NYC. John has found ways to save me much more on my taxes. He is very detail oriented and when you are there you don’t feel like you are being rushed (the NYC firm was crammed and I didn’t feel like they were actually listening to me).

If you want a Tax adviser that actually cares about you and your finances than I suggest you go with John. Within changing my careers he has also provided me with insight on my taxes (it is not as straight forward as before). My husband has a small business and John also has provided a lot of sound advice for him as well. We just got married and he was helpful with joint filing too.

Last thing… He is a really nice guy.

Christina A.
Brooklyn, NY
John is detail-oriented, knowledgeable and efficient. He went through my past returns line by line, and prepared my current return perfectly. He took his time and asked a lot of questions, which I appreciated. Highly recommend.

Tamara J.
Jersey City, NJ
I cannot express what a pleasure it was to work with John Ng. I had four years and messed up tax work. He initially did a consultation and it was so thorough it felt as if he was doing my taxes. He was prompt with email exchange and very specific with what he needed from me. We got everything done in time and I feel sooo happy. I contact him with follow up and he is so accessible. I recommend NG Advisory Group ANY day to ANYONE.

Kimberly W.
Jersey City, NJ
It took me a while, but I finally went to a grown up accountant.

John is fantastic. I had a mess on my hands, having managed to work salary, on tips and freelance during the course of one year in two states. Nor did I pay my quarterlies. He didn’t blink. Instead, he calmly went through every detail and receipt with me until it was done. Didn’t inflate anything or cut corners, but found stuff no one else had. When he showed me what our return would be, he went through and explained it all, including future options. He’s also a nice guy. All in all, I spent an hour and a half with him. Granted, it was midday so he may have had more time than he would an evening appointment, but I was impressed since it’s all a flat fee.

I am stunned by how good he is. Do not be fooled by the dinginess of the building or the paper printouts hanging on the office walls. Worth every penny and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Lavanya N.
New York, NY
Cannot recommend highly enough. Great great service.
I have been working with John this past tax season. I filed my taxes wrong, had to do it with two states, was a part-time student and also international passport holder—so very, very complicated stuff.

For a flat charge, John took care of everything. He also handled and continues to handle any follow up requires. He is prompt, explains things easily and is very good to work with.

I used to use to TurboTax but I actually find working with John better. I get answers to my questions more immediately, I get to work with someone who really looks for all the tax breaks I can get, as opposed to an automated system and can talk to him at any time. I’d say his one on one approach even beats H&R Block. This is the small-business advantage.

Kacie T.
Jersey City, NJ
After years of bouncing around from one accountant to another I finally found what I was looking for in John. My husband and I found him not only knowledgeable but also attentive. During his busiest season John spent over an hour explaining different tax concepts, and even gave us a few tips to help us better manage our deductions and withholdings. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for an accountant they can count on for the long-term.